457 Visas from an Employer’s Perspective

Employers can hire foreign employees under the 457 visa. This is a skilled work visa, and it permits a worker to come to Australia and live there for up to four years, working for applicable businesses.

What are the requirements a business has to meet to become a 457 visa sponsor?
Eligibility for sponsorship for this visa requires that the business:

  • Operate in a lawful manner and
  • Not have negative information outstanding against it

Once you meet those requirements, you have one of two options to become a sponsor. There is the standard business sponsorship or a negotiated labour agreement, which is made directly with the Australia Government. The latter option really only needs to be used if the worker’s occupation isn’t on the Skilled Occupation List.
You can use foreign workers to help deal with personnel shortages for your business.

How does a standard business sponsorship work?

You will have to first lodge an application to become a standard business sponsor. Your business can only have one of these at a time, and it is valid for 5 years. This can be extended if you lodge an application to do so and it is accepted. You will also have to show that your business is working to keep local labourers employed. Your business also needs to not discriminate in its hiring practices and prove certain training milestones are being achieved.

Can you sponsor an employee if your business operates outside the country?

This kind of sponsorship is still available to businesses that are looking to move their company or open a business in Australia. This usually only applies to sponsorships for directors or officers, and only then for businesses that operate as legally separate from the owners. 

What requirements must be met to continue a sponsorship?

When the sponsorship has been approved, you still need to meet certain obligations in order to maintain the visa. All the following requirements must be met:

  • Keep all your staff trained at the required level
  • Accommodate all inspectors
  • Pay all employees at the fair market rate
  • Keep in communication with the DIBP and provide them with all necessary records
  • Keep the 457 visa worker employed only in the occupation they have been approved for
  • Do not try to recoup money from the foreign sponsored employee
  • If the 457 visa worker is noncompliant, then you must cover their removal costs

How requirements are necessary to obtain a 457 visa?

If you would like to sponsor an employee for a 457 visa, then that worker must:

  • Obtain qualifications that are officially recognized
  • Have skills that would be listed on the Skilled Occupation List
  • Be reasonably accomplished at speaking English
  • Fulfil all licensing and registration requirements
  • Have enough health insurance
  • Obtain a record of good character
  • Be in reasonable health

Are you looking to sponsor someone in Australia today? Then let us know and we can help you work through the sponsored visa program. We offer an eligibility test and expert advice from skilled migration agents.