Adjusting to Life and Work in Australia

Living in Australia is a dream for some people. They want to enjoy the warm weather and the natural beauty of the country that’s unrivalled by anything else in the world. However, not many people living outside of Australia actually know what it is like to live and work there. People who come from the more westernized nations of The United States and the UK might not experience much shock. Even then, though, there are some distinct differences that may be difficult to cope with at first. Our recommendation is that you go to Australia first on a short-term visa as you mull your decision to actually move here permanently.

What visa requirements will I have to meet before coming to Australia?

If you are not an Australian citizen, then you will need a visa to enter the country. Those coming for a short stay should not have much trouble getting a visa. Australia makes it simple by allowing people from certain countries to be approved just for providing their passport information. If you are looking to stay there more long-term, however, you will need to go through a few more hoops. The government can be quite selective about who enters the country and stays there for a while. Eligibility for Australian visas is determined on a points system. The government will evaluate your application and give you points based on certain factors. Many times, you will need some sort of in-demand skill to enter the country long term. You will find exceptions to this rule, however, such as if your employer wants to sponsor you for a visa. You would do best to talk to an experienced migration agent for a visa like that, if you want to improve your chance of approval.
The cost of living in Australia
Lots of people want to live in Australia, and that can make the job market there incredibly competitive. We advise doing some research into the job you are interested in and using any connections you have to get the job you want. If you want to live in Australia, then you will need to be regularly employed. The cost of food and rent can be higher than where you are used to, but that also means many of the higher job positions pay very well. You can expect to pay far more for living expenses if you live in a city than if you were to move to a rural or suburban area. Anywhere that is heavily populated is going to cost you more. As you get away from city centres, your living expenses should go down.
It can be intimidating at first, but once you are settled in, you will get used to it and likely enjoy living and working in Australia. Most people will be open, and friendly and people from all around the world call Australia their home. You will also find plenty to see and do there to keep you busy, so it shouldn’t be a problem living an enjoyable life there.