Australia Day Melbourne Fireworks

Australia day

Some of the most amazing pyrotechnic displays take place on Australia Day, and Melbourne has the best firework show for this particular day. There is a full day of events leading up to the release of the fireworks, and the fireworks are well worth the wait. The Australia Day fireworks Melbourne offers are a truly one-of-a-kind experience. The release area changes every so often, to afford residents and visitors a better view of the display. Traditionally, the fireworks would be set off from a series of barges in the Docklands Harbour, but this year, things are changing up just a bit. Etihad Stadium will host the Australia day fireworks Melbourne is showcasing, ensuring a wider range of people can easily see the event.

Specific vantage points have been highlighted by the city government, and these vantage pints are great places to get food and drinks and enjoy a number of different festive activities. Everyone will be celebrating, and it’s important to get to one other better lookout spots early for those who want a good seat and a clear view of the entire display. The Australia Day fireworks Melbourne releases only get set off once a year. and it is not something any self-respecting Melbourne resident wants to miss. There is simply nothing quite like this pyrotechnic showcase anywhere else in the world, and it is worth staking out a claim and waiting out a good spot to see. These fireworks celebrate Australia as a country, and the festivities are always filled with national pride that makes this a truly exciting event to be a part of.