Australian Visas for UK Expatriates

Any UK citizens who are looking to travel to Australia will have a few different visa choices. The diplomatic ties the two countries have are strong, and that makes it simple for most UK citizens to obtain Australian visas, far easier than it would be for citizens of other countries, in most cases. There are still certain procedures, however, that need to be followed for UK citizens to receive an Australian visa.

Short-Term Options

For those planning to stay in Australia less then three months, your visa application will really only require a passport number. The UK is one of several countries that Australia considers pre-approved for business and travel. You’ll have to apply for the visa before leaving for your trip, however. An eVisitor visa can be applied for online, and a business visa will have to be specified if you are going to Australia on business.

Visas for Prolonged Stays

If you plan to stay a bit longer or even permanently, then you need to apply for a long-term visa. The process this entails for UK citizens is slightly different from what citizens of other countries would have to go through. Our migrations agents would be able to help you get through this process with very little trouble. You have the option of going with a working holiday visa that permits you to live or work in the country for as long as a year. Certain requirements must be met for this type of visa to apply to you. You will need to be aged between 18 and 31 and not have any children that are considered your dependents.

For those looking to stay permanently, you will have to get a work visa. These are all going to require a certain level of skill in your industry, and you should know that they are quite competitive. If you want to improve your chances, you can have your visa sponsored by an employer or a member of your family. For these types of visas, your UK citizenship won’t give you any advantage at all. On the plus side, UK residents do get some added healthcare benefits, once their work visa has been approved. You can also use your pension you earned in the UK, but its value may be changed.

Whether you are looking to live or work in Australia, it’s a great place to be. We can assist you in moving through the visa application process, and you can find out for free how eligible you are for the visa of your choice by contacting us today.