Know about Migration Agents

Information regarding citizenship and immigration is available publicly on the Department of Immigration and Citizenship’s own website. Why would you need to hire one of our migration agents to handle your case for you then?

[dt_sc_title type=”h3″ style=”Highlight Title” icon=”” class=”aligncenter”]What to Know about Migrating to Australia[/dt_sc_title]Simply put, you have a wide variety of visa options. You might have trouble sorting through them to find what works best for you in your particular circumstances. If you have a registered migration agent working for you, however, then you will be able to benefit from their experience and training. They can tell you what the best methods are to use for you and your situation, taking into account your long and short term objectives. You can also cut down dramatically on the hassle you would experience when communicating with the immigration department and filling out forms. [dt_sc_title type=”h3″ style=”Highlight Title” icon=”” class=”aligncenter”]Using a Migration Agent Is the Best Choice[/dt_sc_title]

Anytime you choose an agent, you want to make sure that you have chosen one who is fully registered with the MARA (that’s the Migration Agents Registration Authority). That way, you can know for sure that they are someone who has the training to give you the help you need. They also have to abide by the MARAs Code of Conduct.
Our profession is a regulated one, and that’s to protect consumers and business owners alike. You can find information on the MARA’s website about what kind of expectations you should have when it comes to dealing with a migration agent. You will find this information available in several different languages for your convenience.