Student Visas

Certain types of studies may qualify you for a Student Visa. You should know that the country you are from will affect the kind of assessment you will be required to undergo for this visa. Each assessment level has different entry requirements.
There are a number of excellent educational providers in Australia, encompassing all levels of education. The qualifications and educational degrees that are possible in Australia are some of the most well regarded ones in the world.
Once you have finished your course of study, you may be able to pursue more visa options, if you want to work in Australia.
The Australian student visa program underwent a comprehensive review in 2010. A report came from that review which led to major changes being recommended for the program. In all, 41 recommendations were approved, and they are being implemented slowly over time.
Back in 2011, the Minister in charge of Immigration and Citizenship said that all the arrangements for post study work would enjoy an extension from 2013. Anyone who finishes their degree after studying for at least two years in Australia can enjoy access to some arrangements for post study work.

Working Holiday Visas

If you are between the ages of 18 and 31 and you do not have any dependant, then you may be able to earn money in Australia while you are on a holiday. A Working Holiday Visa allows you to stay in the country for a year working in either a rural or regional part of the country. This visa may be extended for longer than a year, in some instances.

Enjoy Regional Australian Life

This particularly type of visa only allows you to work for a single employer for up to six months. You are allowed to take on unskilled or semi-skilled work. Many people with Working Holiday Visas take up jobs like fruit picking for some of their time in the country.
You will have more or less options depending on what country you come from and what your skills are.

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