Temporary Parent Visas Are Underway

You may know that the Productivity Commission issued a report on migration that had some alarming news in it in regards to parent visa fees. In the report, it was detailed that, on average, the community and the health services will pay more than $300,000 for permanent parent visa holders. It is possible that those fees will increase shortly.
The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) might be offering a temporary option for parents seeking a visa, however.
They have only proposed such a visa at this point, and their goal is to allow parents and grandparents to visit their families that live in Australia, but only for short periods of time.

What are the concession of the temporary parent visa?
If the visa goes through, then it gives any parents that have children or grandchildren in the country the ability to visit them for as long as 5 years. They would have to have sponsorship by a child living in Australia. The sponsor has to show they not only lived in Australia for a period of time but also contributed to its economy or well being in some way. The definition of contributed is not detailed yet.
This applicant may have to undergo health checks, an immigration history examination and an inspection of their financial records. As their case is being reviewed, the office conducting the review will take into account what both applicant and the sponsor need.

At what time will it be approved?
Up until recently, the DIBP was accepting written submissions to help flesh out its process of review. The deadline for submission was October 31st, and the review process is still underway.

Is there anything you can do while you wait?
You might not be able to apply for the standard parent visa, for any number of reasons. That is not the extent of your available options, though. It can help to talk to a migration agent at this point, since we know how the Australian immigration system works and what alternatives you might do well to pursue.
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