What to Know before Immigrating to Australia

For those thinking about moving to Australia, you likely were taken by the country’s warm climate, the beautiful natural environment and the bustling cities. People immigrate each year to Australia for a variety of reasons, but they often run into complications with the immigration process, and we want to help you navigate those complexities.

There are a number of laws and regulations regarding immigration to Australia, and it can be a competitive market to break into for those hoping to come over on a worker visa. Here is what you should know before you immigrate here.

Short-Term Stay

For those who have never visited Australia, it’s a good idea to come on a short-term visa. This allows you some time to acclimate to the culture and to determine if it is right for you. You can choose from a three-month or a twelve-month visa. This type of visa allows you to work or study. Anyone with a passport from the list of pre-approved countries will often be approved fast.

Long-Term Stay

This can be a wonderful place to take up residence, and after you have finished your short-term stay you might decide you want to live here permanently. You ought to know that applying for a long-term visa as a worker can be incredibly competitive. You have to be able to prove you have qualifying skills to make the cut. The government will determine if you are eligible based on a points system. These are decided by a variety of factors, and you can receive a boost to your points if you receive sponsorship from the government, an Australian employer or from a family member that lives in the country. Students and retirees have a sightly different process to go through. For students, a sponsorship may still work, and retirees have to prove they have enough assets to qualify for a visa. You should talk to our migration agents before you try to apply for a visa.

Permanent Residence

After living in Australia for a while, you are able to apply for permanent residency. Usually, you have to live in the country for two years first. In order to qualify for permanent residence, you have to meet all the visa requirements, and you’ll still have to have the required points to meet eligibility standards as well.

Taking the Test

Once you have become a permanent Australian resident, and you kept to the rules of the visa, then you have the option to apply for citizenship. You will be required to pass the citizenship test. Once you do, you will have all the right of an Australian citizen.

These can seem like simple steps, but once you try to actually do them, they can become much more complex. There is also a lot of stress involved for people who are unsure of what they are supposed to be doing or who have little immigration experience. We recommend that anyone applying to immigrate to Australia talk to one of our immigration agents. They have years of training experience and are able to help you with all the problems that can arise while applying for a visa.