What You Have to Do to Get an Australian Visa

Australia is known for its natural beauty and bustling cities. The unique environment, filled with gorgeous beaches, vibrant cities and the wild outback make it a must visit destination for many. That’s why so many people want to retire there or come to work or study. If you want to travel to Australia, take an extended trip there or migrate to the country, then you should know about the visa requirements.

For the Short Term

Those planning to stay less than three months will have to get what is known as an ETA travel visa. You can get this online quite easily just by visiting the Visa Bureau site of the Australian government. You’ll have to complete an application, and if you are from one of the Australian government’s pre-approved countries, then you will receive instant approval. You should choose a visa that’s appropriate for you- either a tourist or a business visa. The conditions and terms of these are somewhat similar, but it’s important you choose the most relevant one. For these kinds of visas, you will need to have a passport from one of the pre-approved companies.

For the Long Term

Those visiting for 12 months or less will have to send in an application for a long-term visa. These can be applied for online, if your passport comes from one of the pre-approved countries. The list of pre-approved countries is much more expansive for long-term visitors. These visas take a while to be processed- usually around three weeks. It is possible that you’ll be asked to complete a medical exam, especially if you are older than 75. You may also need to show a source of funds for your trip, since working in Australia won’t be allowed under this type of visa.

Visas for Work and Study

Anyone hoping to travel to Australia for work or for study will have to get the right visa to accommodate their activities. Student visas will only be approved if you can show that you are studying a legitimate course and after you have passed a medical exam. You will also need to pass an English test and show that you meet the financial requirements for your stay.

For work visas, you will have to satisfy different criteria depending on the work you plan to do. Your skill level, age and various other factors will determine what those requirements are. If you want to know more about what the specific requirements are for you, then you should look into the industry in which you plan to work in.

If you want to live in Australia or just travel there, then you should talk to a migration agent. Our team knows the immigration process like no one else, and we can make it much less stressful for you.