What You Need to Know about State Sponsorship

Australia’s job market doesn’t stay the same in every State. Many times, the different States and territories will all have differing requirements for varied skill sets.

Because of this, the applicable government department (like the Department of Industry) will start listing occupations that are available for sponsorship. These are all occupations for which there is a shortage of skilled workers in that respective state.

You will see these lists updated annually, and the lists will often be very different from one another. The various states can make it harder or easier for applicants to be approved. You won’t see states asking for people to fill occupations where there is an oversupply of workers already. The migration program is expected to positively impact the individual States and the country as a whole. Also keep in mind that no State will be advertising occupations for immigrants while there are out-of-work Australians available to do the work.

The State Nomination program is designed to help immigrants get through the migration process a bit easier by fulfilling the required points for eligibility. The government adds on 5 points for permanent visas for immigrants who are considered skilled and 10 points on provisional visas. The State is able to bring in skilled people when there aren’t enough people in the State who are qualified to fill those positions. This is equally beneficial for the visa applicant, as it gives them a better chance of obtaining the visa they want. It can often give them a chance to be approved when they wouldn’t be otherwise.

If you want to receive State sponsorship, then you need to be committed to the State and work in a specific State for at least two years.

The State government is tasked with developing the economy and offering support for job growth. That’s why States are often eager to bring in immigrants to fill needed positions and to keep important industries booming.

There is a problem, however, when potential immigrants think of the State sponsorship as an easy way into the country. They don’t really think about why the State is letting them in and what their responsibility is to the country. They may say they want to live in a certain State because of the job market there, but they really wish to move somewhere else. That can become a trap for many potential immigrants.

What if I need a visa, but want to move to a different State?

If there is a State you want to move to, but there are no job offers there and you would have trouble getting in without a job offer or State sponsorship for your occupation, then you may want to just wait it out. Later, your occupation may be in demand where you want to go. You could also look into a different kind of visa.

In the event that you do get State sponsorship, you can live in Australia as a permanent resident or a provisional resident. The grant letter you will be issued, however, clearly states that you need to let the Department know if your circumstances change at all before you enter the country. If such a change occurs, then you could require a different visa.

Here’s on example of a potential situation where this may apply. Consider an instance where New South Wales sponsored you but a company in Victoria made you a job offer. That’s probably going to change your plans, and you’ll want to be where the job offer is. You have to let the DIBP know about your altered situation. You don’t have any intention of going to New South Wales at that time, and if you don’t notify the State, then your sponsorship could be withdrawn. Your visa could be cancelled as a result. The State could decide to grant you a release letter, in light of your new circumstances. It really depends on which State you are dealing with and what their policies are in situations like this.

You should try to stick with the original plans for the visa requirements. You can’t always predict how life will work out, and you may need to adapt. Just consider if you still have control over those changing circumstances or not.

Many Aussies will tell you that there isn’t a State or Territory in the country where they could not live for at least two years. Even if you didn’t consider one of the States or Territories before, you might be surprised at how much you come to enjoy it after a while.

You might be in a position where your path to State sponsorship isn’t clear. That’s when you want to contact a migration agent from our company. We can give you the answers you seek, answers that might not be so easy to find if you try to get them on your own. Why take a risk with your visa, your time and your money? Come see us and let us help.