What You Need to Know before Moving to Australia

If you are interested in moving to Australia, then you should know that there are thousands of others with the same idea this year. There’s plenty of reasons to want to move there- the nightlife, the beautiful cities, the amazing culture, the wonder of the natural environment and more. This country is one that is filled to the brim with expats from other countries, which makes it simple to ease into the culture and get acclimated to your new surroundings. If you want to move to Australia, then you should know the steps involved, and you may also benefit from having a migration agent help you out.

Start by Looking for a Job or an Education

If you want to live in Australia for longer than just a few months, then you will have to be either a student or a skilled worker. A retirement visa may also be an option, but only if you have the qualifying assets. Having a job or a school in the country that you plan to be a part of is almost essential to staying in Australia. If you are working for an international company, then you might be able to transfer to the Australian branch. If you are not transferring, then you will have to show that you have the requisite skills to be competitive on the Australian job market. This applies to if you are trying to open a business as well. Any students will have to show that they are taking a legitimate course in order to move.

Start the Visa Process

It can take a while to be approved for a visa, so you’ll want to start applying as soon as you know for sure you are going to move to Australia. Often, it can take months for the approval to go through. The kind of visa you apply for will be reliant on your occupation. For those who have in-demand skills, you will need to attain a certain number of points to qualify for a visa. These points are based on traits you have that are desirable for the Australian government. If you don’t have enough points, then you will need to become sponsored by your family, your employer or the Australian government. All students applying for a visa will have to become sponsored by the requisite school.

Ship All Your Stuff

It can be costly and time consuming to ship all your things to Australia. You have a few options, though. Air mail is the fastest method, but it will cost more. Shipping by freighter is much cheaper, but it can take a few weeks. You will likely want to pack as light as possible to save yourself money and hassle.

It can be stressful to try to move to Australia, but our migration agents can help you find the right visa and get you settled in.

Find a Home

Finally, you will have to find some place to stay. It can cost quite a bit to get a house in Australia, but if you have patience and you are paying attention, you can snag a good deal every so often. You should be networking with other people from your country who live in Australia, as they can offer you resources and help you might not be able to get elsewhere. It’s a good idea to make out a detailed financial plan as well. Our clients all enjoy free resources that can help get them started in their new life. Contact us today to find out what we can do with you and how much easier it can be to move to Australia.


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