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If I don’t live in Australia, can I still use your service and ask for help?
Am I able to work in Australia while I pursue my studies?
When applying for a visa to Australia, who can I include?
Which courses are available for me to study?
Will the Australian qualifications be recognized in my country?
Can certain medical conditions affect the application process?
If I am on a visitor visa or living in Australia, can I file an application for my partner?
Are you able to guarantee that I am approved?
What kind of wait should I expect for visa application processing?
How much does the visa application cost?
How will my failure to marry to my fiancé following a Prospective Marriage visa affect my visa application?
Who can I consider as my dependant?
Is it possible to add in family members to my application later if I was not able to include them initially for various reasons?
Can dependants be included on work visa applications?
It is possible to lodge the visa application before having my nomination approved?
If I live outside Australia, am I able to sponsor employees?
Am I able to be sponsored by my boss for a cleaner position?
Does a standard business sponsorship work with companies that have begun trading as recently as 5 months ago?
Am I able to apply for a sponsorship visa if my boss is willing to sponsor me?
Am I able to file for a 457 temporary visa right away if my occupation is on the CSOL list?
What if my current visa expires before the visa I applied for is approved?
What do I do if I need to travel outside of Australia urgently but my visa application has not yet been approved?
What happens if my visa application is refused?
What do I do after my RSMS or ENS has been approved?
Can you tell me what a Labour Agreement stream is?
What does the term “market salary rate” mean?
Is it possible to file an Expression of Interest if I don’t yet have all the documents required?
How much does an Expression of Interest cost?
What is the waiting period to select skills after filing an EOI?
Can I apply for a skills visa if my occupation isn’t on the SOL list?
What do I need to do to be included in the Business Innovations and Investment category after I have filed my Expression of Interest?
What follows a filing of an Expression of Interest?
What happens if I am not able to meet the criteria?
Can you tell me what an Expression of Interest is?
Can you tell me what skills point based migration is?
Can You Explain Skills Select?
If I have been given a student visa, will I be able to work in Australia before my courses begin?
Can I apply for my first student visa while visiting Australia?
Are international students allowed to enrol part time?
Can I choose the school I enrol at?
Will I need to be covered by health insurance as an overseas student?
Which subclass do I apply with?
How long will my overseas health coverage last for?
Will I be allowed to work while I study?
How do I determine my assessment level?
Can you tell me what a CoE is?
What is required to study in Australia?